Robert Indiana  ONE through ZERO

Robert Indiana was an American printmaker, painter, and sculptor best known for his iconic LOVE sculptures. His Cor-Ten steel ONE through ZERO (1980-2002) is a grouping of ten number sculptures, which was first conceived in 1980 as a series of eight-foot painted aluminium sculptures on a monumental scale. The artist later created several series of Numbers sculptures in different scales and finishes, including the Cor-Ten ONE through ZERO.

Also known as weathering steel, Cor-Ten develops a patina specific to its surrounding environment, which continuously regenerates when subjected to the influence of the weather, eventually developing a rich velvety rust-coloured appearance. Indiana was inspired by the popular, mid-19th century American tradition of narrative imagery which depicted the cycle of life as the ‘ages of man’ represented by specific numerals, from birth (1), childhood (2), adolescence to adulthood (3-6), old age (7-9) and finally death: 0.

Co-curated by Hilary Lewis and Cole Akers